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on Thursday, 18 February 2016.

Dave and Todd


7 Peaks Paving owners Dave and Todd

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Latest Projects

  • Sunriver Path Reconstruction

    Sunriver Path Reconstruction

    Customer: City of Sunriver
    Engineer: City of Sunriver
    Description: Walking Path Asphalt Paving & Parking Area
    Project Value: $ 600,000.00
    Status: Completed – June 2011

  • Prineville Facebook Facility Paving

    Prineville Facebook Facility Paving

    Customer: Facebook, Inc
    Engineer: N/A
    Description: Facility Entrance, Parking Area Grading and Asphalt Paving.
    Project Value: Not Available
    Status: Completed June 2011

  • Clients

    • Powell Builders
    • R&H Construction
    • RD Building & Design
    • Reinhart Construction
    • River Meadows HOA
    • Robinson & Owens Heavy Construction
    • Shamrock Construction
    • Sunforest Construction
    • Sunriver Owners Association
    • Sunwest Builders
    • Latham Excavation
    • McKernan Eneterprise
    • Oregon Park & Rec
    • Pacwest Development
    • Alex Hodge Construction
    • Apollo Inc
    • Bend Park & Rec
    • City of Redmond
    • CS Construction
    • Daimler Trucks
    • Diamond Peaks Summit HOA
    • Dickerhoof Construction
    • Grizzly Mountain Excavation
    • Knife River Central Oregon
    • Timberline Construction
    • Wittmer Construction
    • Wilson Curb Construction
    • York Bros Excavation
    • York Building & Design
    • Pine River Homes